Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Big Mail Day

Not only did we have mail from last week as I was on vacation last Tuesday but today's mail was close to 200 pieces. We had around 90 Bible request and over 300 studies to stuff and process. Thankfully we had a wonderful group of volunteers come today to help. Bill came in to help today as we were short handed on readers. Below Marvin is showing him a letter from Michigan.
 The state of Michigan gives us all kinds of trouble. They won't accept studies with labels so envelopes must be printed and they won't accept stamps or stickers so we must use metered mail, no colored paper and no RED ink. What was ironic was it was addressed in RED ink. Below the two Shirleys are having a laugh at that.  
 Chuck and Bruce were in charge of applying the labels to envelopes then putting the envelopes on the correct studies.
 Kathy was answering a letter but had to stop to look up the address. She Marvin and Leila were also readers. Shirley R reads that letters that come with the studies while the other 3 read the request letters.

 Below Shirley and Glenna are stuffing the envelopes with the next study.
Each prisoner sends in 4 studies and when we get them we send them 4 more studies in postage paid envelopes so they can continue the lessons without having to buy stamps. When all the studies were stuffed we started wrapping Bibles. We had an assembly line going and had everything done by 12:30 pm.
 Below Mark is working on the printer. His wife Cathy sent delicious bars with Mark for our snack today. 
 We ran out of certificates, Bill drove to one of the stores and picked up a package of 25 to get us through this week but will for sure need more next week.
It was really amazing to see the amount of work done in that office today. Not only were the volunteers busy there was a lot of laughter as we worked together. This is a very cheery uplifting place to be on Tuesday mornings.  ALL of the studies were claimed for grading today and a lot of them went to the Roanoke AC church. None will be taken to the Peoria AC church Wednesday. I'm always relieved and thankful when the studies are claimed!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Very Light Day

We had only 18 Bible request and 100 studies come in this week making for a very light morning. Below are a few pictures toward the end of our work.

Mom and I needed to leave early as I had a horse getting picked up today. We finished everything around 10:30 am and enjoyed a snack of scotcheroos made by Cathy. Kathy brought in fresh cucumbers from Dave's garden to share with the volunteers. Everyone here is thankful for fresh vegetables.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Amazing Peach Cobbler

We didn't have a lot of mail waiting for us so instead of bringing a meal, we just made do with dessert after finishing our work.  Leila offered to bring peach cobbler and without doubt I can honestly say it was the very best peach cobbler I have EVER tasted. The peaches were from Georgia and perfectly ripe, sweet and juicy. Every bite was an absolute delight, but enough of the highlight of the morning. When we arrived Glenna and Marvin were already hard at work, Glenna opening mail and Marvin working on the main computer which had shut off again.  Bruce, Leila, Chuck and Shirley walked in right after us and also went right to work.
 Mark followed them in and went right to work on the computer. 
 Kathy sat down to read and answer letters.
 As soon as the studies were processed, Shirley, Glenna and mom went into the other room to work on addressing the Bible requests. 
 We finished everything around 10:30 am and broke for our special treat. 
 Not only was the cobbler delicious, Leila topped each square with vanilla ice cream then drizzled fresh peach sauce on top. 
 While that was being dished out Mark and Marvin went to work trying to figure out why the main computer is shutting down. They ate their treat as they worked.
We all had a good time visiting while enjoying dessert then left for home around 11:00 am. All the  Bible studies were claimed again for grading. That is another thing to rejoice over. Each week we have had enough people wanting to grade that the prisoners do not have to wait long to get their completed lesson back.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

High Heat Much Blessings

The weather outside is very hot, the last few days the highs were in the mid to upper 90's and today was no different. What was different was the atmosphere in the Berean office. We were all glad to be back and in the air conditioning. We are so thankful for this office donated by the Unsicker Farms. The office was a happy place today.

 We were able to get 150 studies processed and 40 Bible requests today.
 Mark was the computer guy today.
It really is a blessing to be able to work here and not just for the prisoners that are doing the studies or requesting Bibles. The volunteers who help with this program are also blessed.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Another Good Morning

We had another really good morning at the Berean office. More mail came in than expected and it just seems like the volunteers all know their jobs so well they get right to work processing it. We started at 9:00 am and by 10:30 am had all the studies stuffed and were working on the Bibles. Below are a few pictures of the morning.

Sure thankful for the help and all the work that got done. There are still a few studies to be graded. IF anyone would like to help with grading just send me a text or call 309-208-3840 and I'll be glad to drop them off at your house for grading.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Huge Blessing

We didn't have a lot of mail at the Berean office today and was able to finish with the studies before 10:00 am so spent an hour wrapping Bibles. We only had 30 Bible requests today. We had a good group of volunteers and I am thankful for such willing workers.
 Above Kathy and Dave are reading letters while below Chuck, Shirley, Shirley, Marvin and Glenna are busy opening studies.

 Marvin worked on entering studies on the computer and then entering the Bible requests once the studies were finished.

 Leila was the other letter reader today.
 Bruce was busy stuffing and wrapping Bibles when he wasn't running the postage machine.
 When we finished processing all the studies we were able to wrap enough Bibles for at least a couple weeks worth of requests. Robin keeps the volunteers in this room organized.
 We enjoyed a snack when finished with everything of cinnamon rolls and coffee before cleaning up and heading home. All of the studies were claimed today for grading. Each week enough people have volunteered to grade the studies. That is a huge blessing during this time of the virus! The prisoners stuck in jails and prisons anxiously await this mail.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Drink Mixes and Masks

Today we had a lot of mail to go through and ended our work by filling the 86 Bible requests and mailing out over 450 studies to prisoners. There was so much mail we had to work until noon. Kathy and Dave weren't able to come but Bill brought in one of his daughters so she, Leila and Shirley read the request letters. Mark was busy entering studies at the computer while mom was opening the studies.
 Glenna, Chuck and Bruce were also kept busy with opening up the studies then applying the mailing labels.
We had quite a time at the Berean office today. Gifts came in the mail for the volunteers. Leila  opened a letter with 2 drink mixes and a mask included. This caused some jokes and laughter all around.

Below Bill is telling Leila what to do with the presents.
We didn't have enough wrapped Bibles for today's mailing so the group quickly stuffed and wrapped them before lunch.
We were done by noon and enjoyed a lasagna meal for our lunch.  I was very thankful we had so many willing volunteers to help with such a big mailing.