Tuesday, March 12, 2019

96 Requests

We had quite a bit of mail today with over a 100 letters and 96 of those were requesting Bibles. Some of the letters were touching some were sad and some were pretty amazing.  One man had been put in solitary and was determined to commit suicide. When his mail was delivered, his lessons had arrived. He didn't have his Bible with him but found some sections of a Bible from the Gideon's in the cell and he credits those Bible sections with saving his life. We had a good group of volunteers today and were able to get everything done including the mailing of those 96 Bibles. Mom, Marvin, Kathy and Jan were our readers today. Kathy came in early as she had to leave early so when Jan arrived she was put right to work in Kathy's chair.
Chuck was put to work with the labels.
 Shirley is always in charge of the intermediate studies and there were lots of those today.
 Below Marvin and Jeanette are working on some of the problem studies.  We had one study come in today with no return name or address on the envelope and only a last name on the 4 pages of his study.  It took some time to figure out where to send the graded one and his next 4 lessons but we did figure it out. 
 Robin kept everyone busy in the other room with filling the studies.
We were able to finish before noon and enjoyed a leisurely lunch before heading home. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Light Mail Day

We had a very light mail day today but still found plenty to do at the Berean office. Kathy and Marvin were the 2 readers. Glenna and Ray opened the mail. Chuck and Jeanette applied labels. Then once that was all done Robin put Chuck and Ray to work on wrapping Bibles.

We easily got done by 11:00 am and had a leisurely lunch. It was actually nice not to be in a hurry. Thankful for an easy day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Amazing Day

We had a pretty amazing day at the Berean office. It started with Marvin opening the mail and finding this:
In case you can't read the letter it says:  Thank You so much for sending a large print Bible when I was in prison. I still have the Bible but in all the movements I lost a lot of pages. The Shepherd's Psalm 23 is my favorite.
Thanks again,
ps  I serve the Lord because He first loved me!
Not too much later Marvin opened another letter with a $3.00 check from a prisoner from Taylorville, IL. He wanted to pay his tithe to Berean.
These two letters weren't the only amazing things happening. We also got a letter from a prisoner who stated he was going to commit suicide after he was put in prison but instead he found the Lord. BUT..that too isn't the other amazing thing that happened. For the last amazing part of the day you will need to read to the end of this post.  We had a good group come today. Our readers were Dave and Marvin. Our newly weds Shirley and Ray almost always show up AND sit together but that doesn't keep them from working. Vonnie and Glenna both know exactly what to do and go right to work as soon as they arrive.
 Bill is our servant director. He will take the time to make coffee and serve it to the other volunteers as he is receiving and making calls to prisons. Bill is always finding cheaper and better ways to get the Bibles to the prisoners and saves Berean thousands of dollars of postage.
 Marvin and Jeanette are siblings. Jeanette has a heart of gold and Marvin thinks she may be just a little too gullible. We wouldn't have her any other way. She loves grading lesson's 17-20 and today she took all of those home after we finished our work today. 
See all of those boxes on the table in the picture below? Robin brought those back from her house today. She spent hours of her time at home this week folding all of those lessons and putting a self addressed stamped envelope with each group of 4 lessons so they would be ready to send to the prisoners this week. 
 Mom was able to come help today and because of her help we got lunch on time. Mom is so good at making sure the lunch is ready to be served as we finish up. Below she was applying labels to envelopes while Shirley works on the intermediate studies. 
Now for the most amazing thing that happened today. Last week Robin opened our last package of the sleeves we place the Bibles in for mailing. Diane was sent a text that we would need more mailing sleeves. The sleeves came in yesterday but the post office told Diane they were too heavy to deliver and they would need to be picked up. The post office doesn't open until 9:00 am here in Hanna City and I needed to be at the Berean office by 9:00 am as the volunteers arrive then. I was hoping we had enough sleeves to finish today's mailing but had no idea how many sleeves were left nor how many Bible requests would come in today.  Robin counted the sleeves and announced we only had 67 sleeves for today's requests. By the time we finished entering the requests and printed the labels out there were exactly 67! Everyone that requested a Bible this week was sent a Bible today. Now THAT is AMAZING!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Another Big Mail Day

Today at the Berean office we actually had more request letters than Bible studies come in.
Kathy and Marvin were trying to get the letters all read by lunch time but were falling behind until Jeanette came in to help.
 Ray, Vonnie, Joyce and Janet had to get the studies processed and did that job without any other help.
Below is just some of the mail.
 Robin worked in the other room getting the Bibles ready for mailing. She had every Bible in the place wrapped and ready for labels but was short exactly a case. We had 140 request come in and only 120 Bibles. Bill is going to grab more cases so these last can get out quickly.
 We broke for lunch then finished the Bible request after lunch while Marvin and Bill were working on the certificates and a few other problems. We  had a couple interesting letters come on, one from a Muslim man that thought we should all convert to 'his religion, as Islam is the religion of peace", basically he wrote that this country is terrible.  What is kind of ironic about that letter is he was writing it from prison.  Such a shame to be so deceived. Jesus said LOVE your enemies, not cut off their heads or blow up the innocent. He didn't ask for a Bible but we probably should have sent him one any way.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


We had a full tub of mail today to process and thankfully had a big group of volunteers come in to help process it. Robin and Bill went right to work making copies which were very needed. The computer below is used to send the correct study to the printer and almost as if by magic the copies start printing.
 Shirley and Vonnie were kept busy opening the plethora of mail. 
 Joyce and Jan also helped open the mail. 
 Marvin and Chuck were put to work applying labels to envelopes as soon as the labels were printed. 
 The new studies were stuffed for mailing in the other room. 
 Kathy is reading letters, Jeanette is applying labels.  Not pictured was Bruce who was working on the back table with the postage machine. The USPS raised the price on first class mail making a lot of extra work for Bruce who runs the machine on Tuesdays. 
 Leila was the other reader today. Between Leila and Kathy they had all the letters read by noon.
Kathy worked through lunch as there were so many letters to answer.  I had 90 Bible labels printed but then ran out of time and had to leave around 1:00 pm. I know Robin stayed late to keep printing labels and also offered to get the Bibles stuffed, wrapped, stamped, labeled and ready for mailing. I'm not sure how long she stayed but thankful that job got done. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Visitor From Mexico

We had a smaller group again today at the Berean office as we are still missing some snowbirds. We can't blame those snowbirds for flying away from our awful weather right now. Today we had freezing rain which was falling on top of a foot of frozen snow and making the roads a nightmare by afternoon. We were glad for each person that did make it. Chuck and Bruce were the only study openers but these two knew exactly what to do and got the job done.
 Bill walked in with a visitor all the way from Mexico. Denver happens to be married to Bill's daughter Katy and they are up here for a wedding. 
 Denver was put right to work with Marvin. 
 When Marvin needed to work on certificates Leila was willing to show Denver the job of figuring out where the returned Bibles came from and why they were returned. These need to be entered back into the computer as returned. 
 Below Robin is using the computer to tell the printer to print out the next set of lessons. She kept the new printer working the entire time and made hundreds of copies today. As the copies were being printed she also organized the stuffing, wrapping and labeling Bibles along with filling the next set of lessons for each prisoner. 
We were able to break around 11:30 for lunch.  We had another good productive day and I am thankful to all who came to spend it here volunteering their time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Flew the Coop

The snow birds flew south and we were short handed today but we sure can't blame them. Bill Schick sent a text out to all the volunteers that the roads were salted but please be careful of the icy sidewalks. A text came back from one of our usual volunteers that there was NO ice in Florida.  We have another storm predicted this weekend with extreme cold of below zero temperatures will be here for at least the next two weeks so we really can't blame those going south. Perhaps we should ALL move south. We have over a foot of snow on the ground that is not going to melt any time soon. We still were able to get everything done today but that was because of the good help we had come and the fact that it was a light mail day. The camera wasn't taken out until we finally broke for lunch. Kathy, Chuck, Marvin, Robin, Rhoda (my mom) Bill and me were glad for the chance to sit and visit will enjoying a meal together. 
 The box on the left is the box of studies going to church after all the special groups got theirs and the boxes on the right is going to the post office. Those two bigger boxes are filled with Bible requests and the envelope boxes are filled with studies to be mailed. 
Bill and Robin were also able to get hundreds of studies printed off with our new printer today. Keeping enough studies on hand for what we need to send out and what the jails and prisons need is an almost never ending job and we are thankful for a working printer.