Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bible Assembly Line

We had a busy day at Berean. It was wonderful that we had so many willing workers. Below Chuck, mom and Shirley are reading letters while Eva Jean opens the studies and Joan is making copies.
 Jan and Joyce are busy applying the labels to the envelopes then putting the envelopes on the studies.
 Faith, Berlica, Mackenson and Hannah are stamping our return address on 1500 envelopes.
 This is a job Berlica does very carefully.
 Mackenson always made sure his envelopes were stamped perfectly.
 Hannah and Faith just worked on them until the next job arrived.

 Tim Martin from the Goodfield Bible Distribution arrived with over 600 Bibles. We formed a chain to off load them from his trailer into the shop.

We decided to go to lunch once the studies were all processed then work on getting the Bibles mailed out after lunch. Chuck, Eva Jean, Shirley, mom, Joan and the kids all agreed to stay on for the afternoon. We had a good lunch at Denny's then got to work. Below is a short video clip of our assembly line:

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