Thursday, September 3, 2015

Productive SO Productive Day

We had a wonderful productive day at Berean, much much easier than Tuesday. That probably is because the amount of mail that came in today was manageable. That and the fact we had a lot of nimble fingers, strong backs and willing workers. Not that Tuesday's group wasn't willing we were just so overwhelmed. Mark had arrived with a pallet of Bibles even before I got to the office. With Marie and Justin's help we almost had them all unloaded before Joan and her kids arrived to help. Below are a few pictures of the day and one short video. We ran out of stamped envelopes and had a little competition on who could stamp the most envelopes in the shortest amount of time. Check out who WON, the answer is at the end of the video!
Below Faith and Timmy are opening the Bible boxes.
 Justin is holding just a few of the address labels of today. 
 Berlica is helping slice open the boxes with our wonderful letter openers Cheryl donated.
 Notice how each child has one of those wonderful letter openers. They were put to good use today.
 We have an assembly line going with unpacking, stuffing and labeling.
 We had a new volunteer come today all the way from Tremont. 
 JulieAnn was put to work with Marie and Diane R reading letters.
 Joan kept the other room hopping, processing almost an entire pallet load of Bibles.
 Berlica graduated from stamping envelopes to applying labels to Bibles. She was very proud of herself. She was careful to put them on right side up. 
 Roma and Hannah were put to work filling boxes.
 We finished by lunch and all were able to sit down for a nice meal. I'm not sure what everyone is shocked about in the picture below but it must have been Diane R's change of clothes. She was heading out to another job at 1:00 pm and went from fancy to work ready in the blink of an eye.
 Below Chuck has brought in a box to fill with Bible studies to be graded. He is mailing them to his brother-in-law and sister Lynn and Mim Klopfenstein all the way to South Carolina. They take around a hundred a week for grading. So so thankful to anyone willing to grade the thousands that come in each month. Justin has his hands full of Bibles ready to be stacked back inside the box until next Tuesday. 
We have a hard time keeping up with the requests each week. The prisoners that write and request a Bible are hungry for the Word of God. Our jails and prison guards are reporting good things happening. I believe a revival is happening in prisons all over the United States. Pray the people on the outside will also make this oh so important decision. The time is so short and God would not have any perish! 

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