Friday, January 8, 2016


This is just a thank you post, no it is a HUGE THANK YOU POST to all of you who gave during our matching event. We had someone offer to match all donations up to $30,000.00 by Dec 31st, 2015 and we are so very pleased to ANNOUNCE that amount was almost reached. I don't have the exact number but heard this morning it was very very close to the $30,000 meaning Berean now has close to $60,000.00 for postage and supplies. For this ministry the AC church has been providing the Bibles and will refund Berean half the postage spent, but the amount we were spending to get these Bibles and studies out to prisoners all over the United States and the supplies needed to do this was more than we could afford. We asked and God's Children responded. THANK YOU!

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