Thursday, March 17, 2016

Girl Power

We knew we were going to be mailing out Bibles today and were hoping for some strong men but instead got girl power. Nothing at all wrong with girl power when it is our delicate daughters. Well not actually MY daughters but mom's daughters and a few grand daughters.

Tiffany and her son also joined in the fun.
Chuck and Shelby arrived a bit later but were put to good use, Chuck reading letters and Shelby sealing.
Of course we had our usual Thursday hard working crew in the other room opening the mail.
We really cannot stress how thankful we are that so many people come to help out on Tuesday and Thursday at the Berean office. Please feel free to join us if you think you would enjoy helping. We are ALWAYS glad to see new faces and of course many hands make light work. We were pleased today to be able to finish by noon. Diane and I dropped off 360 Bibles to the post office today. Tuesday we had over 400 mailed out so this week alone was almost 800 Bibles. 

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