Tuesday, November 29, 2016

10,000 Bibles Ordered

The news actually came yesterday. Berean was able to buy the better Bible, the black leather like giant print study Bible with colored maps and a concordance. This was the Bible 3 different people picked out without talking to anyone else but they were just too expensive. Then for some reason this was the Bible picked to go on sale and are only $1.00 more than the paper back we have been sending out. Think God wants the prisoners to have this Bible? These Bibles will be delivered the end of this week and we will start sending them out next week, just in time for Christmas.
Our office was buzzing with the sound of happy voices today when the news was told.
 We had a lot of mail but thankfully had the helpers here to process the mail.
 Megan was able to come help on the computer today. She is fast and accurate and we were double blessed because today is her birthday. She could have stayed home to celebrate but instead came to help us. Below Marie is sorting the mail while Glenna and Eva Jean work on opening the mail.
 I would say Kathy is checking out a letter but that would actually be wrong. Marvin brought in Christmas cards for us with some pictures of his family and grand children.
 We had Kathy, David, Marvin and Leila were the readers today. Chuck and Marvin worked on labels and stamps, mom, Joyce, Jan, Glenna, Vonnie and Eva Jean opened mail. Marie sorted and kept the copy machine running, Megan and I were on the computer and Jeanette worked on labels.

 We had too much mail to be done by noon but took a break for soup and pie at noon then went right back to work.
We finally quit working at 2:00 pm leaving a lot of work for the Thursday group. If anyone has a few extra hours on Thursday morning we would love to have you. We won't be mailing out Bibles Thursday but will be finishing separating and stuffing studies.

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