Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Busy Berean's

We had another great day at the Berean office. Truly is a joy to be there. A big crowd showed up and there was enough work for all. Below Leila is looking at the flyer for the Sermon on the Mount fund raiser just for Berean that is going to be held June 16th at Expo Gardens.
 Ken Hoerr arrived bringing goodies for the volunteers

 Check out that sack, he brought goodies from Trefzger's Bakery.

 Above and below are busy volunteers
 Below Bill and Marvin are working on getting a back up system for Berean.

 Above Chuck and Eva Jean are sealing envelopes while below Kathy is finally getting a break to eat her lunch. The rest of us ate earlier but Kathy and Leila hadn't finished reading the letters yet. They were a little short handed in the letter reading area. Joan brought her girls and below they are busy stuffing envelopes. 
We processed 370 studies and read about 85 letters. Tomorrow we still need to finish separating some studies and enter the Bible requests on the computers.  Another good day!

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