Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Working In the COLD

2018 started out with -16 degrees on the first and wouldn't you know the first day back at work our thermometer was reading -17. That didn't stop the amazing Berean volunteers from coming in to help. Below are a few pictures of our morning working together at Wayne Unsicker's farm where the Berean office is located.
 Below Robin is opening the mail. We had a big batch today, almost a full tub.
 The volunteers today were Gertrude, Eva Jean, Vonnie, Ron, Bill C, Bill S,  Mark, Kathy and Robin. 
 As soon as the last envelope was opened, Eva Jean went into the next room to work on labels. 
 Vonnie started reading letters to help Kathy while Mark and Bill entered the studies. Today we had 3 computers going at the same time. 
 Below Robin is coming in to discuss the studies with Chuck while Bill reads letters, and Ron and Vonnie are busy opening the studies. 
 Mark opened up a request letter that was very long and written very tiny. 
 Kathy was glad she didn't get 'that' letter. 
 Bill had to laugh at that. 
 Below Robin has Gertrude, Eva Jean and Ron busy with stuffing envelopes.
 Bill brought in a couple of boys today to help carry the studies going out to be mailed. We had a lot of them. 
 Even though it was below zero outside we were warm and had willing workers inside. Thankful to Wayne for providing such a comfortable place to work/

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