Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tuesday & Wednesday

We had a lot of mail on Tuesday. Chuck is hard at work opening it below. He came in early bringing bottled water for the volunteers, lots of water. As soon as the water was put away we put him to work.
 Gertrude at 94 years old is our oldest volunteer. She faithfully drives to the office each Tuesday to help. She also takes home and grades all of the silver series that comes in each week. 
 Jeanette is the most enthusiastic volunteer. She brightens the office each time she walks in with her big smile and readiness to pitch in. 
 Below Jeanette and Joyce are hard at work applying labels to envelopes.
 Below is the 'dream team' These volunteers are more than just readers they step in to help where ever help is needed. 
 Robin is our go to person. We hear all day long, "Robin what do we do with this?" and of course she has the answer. 
 Below Chuck is hard at work stuffing envelopes. 
Our Tuesday group is so much fun to be with it makes it a joy to come to work.  The Wednesday group is in charge of entering all of the Bible requests for the week then mailing out those Bibles.  I forgot the camera today but Cindy, Carol, Robin and I got all of that work done this morning. I am very thankful for such wonderful willing helpers in this ministry. We had 121 Bibles go out today.

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