Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Another Big Mail Day

Today at the Berean office we actually had more request letters than Bible studies come in.
Kathy and Marvin were trying to get the letters all read by lunch time but were falling behind until Jeanette came in to help.
 Ray, Vonnie, Joyce and Janet had to get the studies processed and did that job without any other help.
Below is just some of the mail.
 Robin worked in the other room getting the Bibles ready for mailing. She had every Bible in the place wrapped and ready for labels but was short exactly a case. We had 140 request come in and only 120 Bibles. Bill is going to grab more cases so these last can get out quickly.
 We broke for lunch then finished the Bible request after lunch while Marvin and Bill were working on the certificates and a few other problems. We  had a couple interesting letters come on, one from a Muslim man that thought we should all convert to 'his religion, as Islam is the religion of peace", basically he wrote that this country is terrible.  What is kind of ironic about that letter is he was writing it from prison.  Such a shame to be so deceived. Jesus said LOVE your enemies, not cut off their heads or blow up the innocent. He didn't ask for a Bible but we probably should have sent him one any way.

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