Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Drink Mixes and Masks

Today we had a lot of mail to go through and ended our work by filling the 86 Bible requests and mailing out over 450 studies to prisoners. There was so much mail we had to work until noon. Kathy and Dave weren't able to come but Bill brought in one of his daughters so she, Leila and Shirley read the request letters. Mark was busy entering studies at the computer while mom was opening the studies.
 Glenna, Chuck and Bruce were also kept busy with opening up the studies then applying the mailing labels.
We had quite a time at the Berean office today. Gifts came in the mail for the volunteers. Leila  opened a letter with 2 drink mixes and a mask included. This caused some jokes and laughter all around.

Below Bill is telling Leila what to do with the presents.
We didn't have enough wrapped Bibles for today's mailing so the group quickly stuffed and wrapped them before lunch.
We were done by noon and enjoyed a lasagna meal for our lunch.  I was very thankful we had so many willing volunteers to help with such a big mailing. 

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