Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Donut Shortage

 Mom and I stopped at Casey's this morning early to pick up donuts for the Berean volunteers. Casey's was open but accepting cash only AND they were almost out of donuts. I was able to snag 9 but wasn't sure if I had enough cash on me so put them on the counter, told the customer who I was behind in the long line that I was just going out to the car to look for cash then went out to the car and asked mom if she had any cash. She had $6.00 on her and between us we had enough to purchase those 9 delicious donuts. The lady that was saving my place in line asked as soon as I walked back, "do you need some cash? We really have nice people here in Hanna City. BUT if you want more than 9 donuts one had better get there when they open. I guess we also have a donut shortage along with our gas and lumber shortage.  We had a good group of volunteers today and got everything done by 11:00 am. Below are a few pictures of our morning there.

Above Leila is checking the board as she opens a letter. Below Marvin and Skip are trying to figure out the spelling on the name of a Bible request. That is one of our big challenges. If we don't get it correct, the prison rejects them with the notice "name and number don't match" and then we have to pay the same postage to get it back as we did to get it to the prison. 
Bill had the prayer today. Each morning Marvin's phone alarm goes off to remind us it is time to pray for the prisoners and us.
We had more people than donuts but everyone get at least some of a donut. We are good at sharing at that office. 


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