Friday, November 14, 2014

Flying Flurries

The snow flurries were flying outside our office windows this morning as we were working on the Berean mail. We had more mail Thursday than Tuesday and not even half the helpers. Below Diane is sitting on one side of the piles while Eva Jean is sitting on the other side both opening as fast as possible hoping to meet in the middle

 When there are less workers it seems we go into overdrive scrambling to get as much done as possible. Thankfully Lisa brought Maddie and Dillon to help. They know their job and jump right into working. Papers, envelopes and labels were flying through the office like the flurries flying outside.
By the time the morning was gone we had all the mail opened, processed, stuffed, and mailed. Mark was kind enough to come with us to unload the many boxes of Bibles that were going to the individual prisoners. This week we had just over 150 of them. There were some touching letters that came in. This post card came in from a prisoner saying: "Just moments ago I witnessed a fellow inmate receiving one of your beautiful KJV Bibles. The man was brought to tears! I was awestruck! We were both bathed in the Lord's glory.  I humbly ask that I may also receive copy. Thank you for your time and consideration."

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