Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mail Call

Diane was a little late getting the mail but we had so many good workers today we STILL got done. Below Diane is bringing it in. Can you imagine how many pieces of mail fit in those 2 boxes. A LOT!
While we were waiting for the mail to come we were all busy folding lessons for stuffing later.
 Above is Emily and Below is Eva Jean

 We are always short of paper clips, if anyone has any to donate we would LOVE to have some larger ones. Above is a few of the containers paper clips come back to us in.  Below are 2 of Lisa's boys. Every Tuesday and Thursday we get 2 to 3 of her kids who are willing to donate time and muscles for this ministry.
 Below we have the entire crew working on reading letters and opening mail. The amount of mail today was pretty overwhelming.
 We took a break for lunch and drove to Denny's Emily was willing to help  our waitress by passing out the menus. We had a pretty full table.

 The food at Denny's is good and when it is served looks just like the pictures on the menus. Below Tammy our waitress every week is taking good care of us. She really is the best waitress anywhere.

After lunch Emily and I drove to the Peoria County Jail where a lot of the Berean work happens. Rhonda let us into the Chaplain's office. 

 Above Barb and Jan are getting ready to fill request. Each person there has a job to do and they work together like a well oiled machine.

 There were a couple inmates busy removing staples on the table below right next to the sign about removing stables.
 May was busy in the counseling office but stopped long enough for a quick picture.
 Rhonda was busy filling bags
 She took us into the storage unit and we put Emily at work too. They have boxes of shampoo, lotion, tooth paste, deodorant, soap, and other hygiene items inmates can request.
 The boxes in some places were stacked all the way to the ceiling. 
After they let us out of the jail I still needed to head back to the shop to finish entering the letters and studies. We had 400 studies come in today and well over 200 request letters. Below are a few of the 200 that came in today.

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