Friday, February 19, 2016

FIXED WITHOUT a Service Call

Prayer is amazing, Diane got to the Berean office early, figured out the problem and FIXED it. The copier WORKS! We have not called in an expensive service technician since we moved from Meisters. That was the start of a very productive day. From our slightly older volunteers to the very young volunteers we all extremely stayed busy.
 Above Edie, Anna, Eva Jean and Roma are busy opening mail and below Jordan is taking a snack break.

 Above Rebekah, Rachel and Anni are busy stamping the studies and then the Bibles arrived. Below we formed a line to unload around 600 Bibles. Rachel would hand them to Anni who would hand them to Shelby who would hand them to me or Rebekah to be stacked

 Once the Bibles were all stacked they all had to be stuffed, wrapped and labeled. Below Jordan is helping with the labels. 

 In the other room we had a full group of volunteers helping with the Thursday's mail.
 Deb and Diane were put in charge of reading the request letters that came in on Thursday.
 Eva Jean had to take a break to show us a couple pictures of her great grand daughter.
 Diane was busy trying to install our new printer.
 Below Tiffany has joined the group wrapping Bibles. 
 We had to eat our lunch in shifts today, there was just so much to do. 
 All the Bibles were loaded into Rachel's van then after lunch Rachel and Anni drove to the post office praying for someone to show up to help unload, preferably someone with muscles when Jake Gerst walked out the post office door to help. Praise GOD! Tonight a bunch of the singles, and not just the young group singles, met at church to grade Bibles studies. These pictures were sent by Sarah of the studies spread out on the lunch tables with wonderful volunteers busy grading. A BIG BIG thank you to all who showed up to help.
 We have a slight problem with our group at the Berean office, they kind of fight over the 'lickers' and we have a standing joke about how dependent we are on our 'licker' so of course no one reminded anyone to take our  'lickers' to church for this group. Yuck looks like they had to use their tongues!

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