Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Broken Copy Machine

We had a lot of letters today, more of that kind of mail came in than the studies. At first we were suspicious but then remembered yesterday was a holiday. Each time there is a holiday the studies are delayed. We didn't have a big crew working today but each one that came were so much appreciated. Eva Jean arrived first even before we got there with the mail. She brought the lunch today. More on that later. Below are a few pictures of our day. The best thing that happened today was Diane H showed up. She has been on vacation for the last 10 days so we were a little worried she would forget how to work but that just wasn't true. She sat down at the computer and went right to work making certificates.
 Once those were finished she started entering studies and between the 2 of us we easily kept up with the study openers. Today we had Chuck, Shelby, Eva Jean and Marvin L opening and processing the studies.
 Justin was put to work organizing the cupboard while looking for more stamps. We were short today and were praying he would find a roll but that didn't happen.
 We broke for lunch a bit early and Eva Jean served us her delicous famous meat balls, a big vegetable tray, chips, and she served TWO desserts. She knows the way to get the most work out of the boys is serve chocolate peanut butter scotcheroos, AND ice cream bars.
Marvin and Jeanette decided to work while the food line was long then Marvin joined us for lunch a bit later. Jeanette is just a working machine. She worked all through lunch today. 
Timmy was so full after lunch he needed to take a quick break and relax before he was put back to work. 
 After lunch Justin joined the readers. 
 We just had so so many letters that needed to be read that every eye and brain were needed. On the table above Marie, Jeanette, Chuck and Justin are still reading while in the picture below Marvin has moved to another table and is working on letters. This is such a big job and an important part of this ministry.
Eva Jean and Marvin L finished up the studies after lunch.
 Diane and I did not finish entering the last letter until 3:00 pm. The copy machine broke today and even though Marvin L prayed the machines would work it just wouldn't. Diane had to call the repair man. This is the first time this machine has quit on us since we moved from Meisters. Marie and her children have been making thousands of copies each week. We are amazed it has worked so well for so long. Please join us in praying this can be fixed.
We will have a big Bible day on Thursday so are asking in advance for any STRONG MEN of any age (college kids are more than welcome) to come help unload, load, stuff, wrap and label Bibles. We will be working on Thursday starting at 9:00 am and hopefully finishing around noon. Please come, many hands make light work.

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