Thursday, May 5, 2016


All the pictures taken today at our very busy office were accidentally deleted OFF the camera card before they were downloaded. No pictures of Aunt Bernie, Marie, Justin, Timmy, Eva Jean, Eddie, Roma, Anna, Chuck, Diane R, Rachel, Rebekah and our new volunteer Dave B. For some reason I think they will all be happy about that.
Eldon delivered a pallet load of Bibles, 25,000 envelopes and 9 boxes of paper this morning. Thankfully we had Dave B here to help unload. We appreciate his muscles. Vonnie arrived with hundreds of folded studies all ready to be stuffed into the Bibles. Marie, Justin and Timmy worked on making copies and opening mail.  Dave B, Eva Jean, Rachel, Rebekah and Aunt Bernie worked on stuffing, wrapping, labeling and loading the 495 Bibles we got out this week. Chuck and Diane read the letters then went out to the other room to help with Bibles. Roma, Edie and Anna worked on studies and between all of us we finished by 12:30 pm and that includes our lunch break. Rebekah took a box full of studies for the Roanoke church. It is actually amazing how much work this office puts out.

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