Thursday, May 19, 2016

Overwhelming Response

The word went out that we needed help at the Berean office today and the response was truly overwhelming.  We had just about every kind of help there was. Guys with muscles to help unload a pallet of Bibles that were delivered this morning, children to apply labels, computer geeks to get the laser printer working, laborers with great eyes to read the many letters, and many many hands of those that are retired to open and process the extreme amount of mail today. Below are a few pictures of our very busy day.
 Above and below is the Bible room. These volunteers are busy stuffing, wrapping, labeling, stamping, and packing them into Diane's van.  

 Below the study room was packed with volunteers busy reading letters, opening the mail, labeling the studies and printing labels. 

 One of the readers (Rachel) posted the letter below. She opened it, read it and it was so touching this needed to be shared. 
Our lunch break was just taken in shifts. The weather was so nice outside that chairs were taken outside to eat our lunch in the sunshine. We were not able to finish this weeks work. Hopefully I'll find some time tomorrow or Saturday to print out more labels. We got about half the studies done and less than half of the Bibles. That doesn't sound like much but the mail that came in today was another record. Three mailboxes full!

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