Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Good Work

We had another great day at the Berean office. Each time we get together the many different jobs are accomplished quickly and efficiently. We have such a good system in place now that each week I am amazed at the production coming out of this little office building. Today when I walked in with the mail Bill was already hard at work filling the intermediate studies for mailing today.
 Marie had the copy machine going full blast pumping out 130 copies per minute. 
 Shirley, Eva Jean and Vonnie were more than ready to open today's mail and went right to work doing so. 
  Marvin started working on the computer,
 but soon switched over to reading letters.  He read a couple really touching letters today. Jan and Kathy arrived to help read. We had over 30 Bible requests come in from one prison today. 
 Joyce and Chuck were put to work applying envelopes to studies and stamping them for mailing. 
 Once the mail was all opened Chuck, mom, Jan and Joyce went into the other room to separate and stuff studies. 
By the time we quit for lunch everything was finished except the certificates of the week which Marvin and Marie were working on. They stayed late to finish those. We had another great week doing a Good Work. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for putting the desire in these volunteer's hearts to come help, thank you for making this building available for us, thank you for the finances to keep this ministry alive but most of all thank you for Your willingness to die that awful death on the cross, shed YOUR perfect blood for all of our sin, thank you for defeating death by rising from the grave and thank you so very much that YOU promised to come AGAIN. What a WONDERFUL plan of salvation.

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