Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Slow Go

We had a plethora of mail today which included almost 200 requests for Bibles. Thankfully we had plenty of volunteers come in to help. Notice the pile of envelopes in front of mom, those still need to be opened.
 Today we had the printer print the prisoner's name and address PLUS our return address on each envelope. It took quite a bit longer than just printing a sheet of labels but it looked so much more professional. Bill made a suggestion on how to get the printer to run faster and Marvin is going to check into that. Today I could not keep up even with one person putting the envelopes on the studies. Chuck was finished with each pile before next pile printed. Bill was put on applying the stamps. Glenna, Shirley, Eva Jean, mom and Vonnie opened mail while Marvin, David and Kathy read letters. Marvin spent some time teaching Marilyn what we were doing. 
 The group below went into the other room to work on separating and stuffing envelopes. 
 We quit working at noon for lunch. 
We were not able to finish. Marvin and Marie were still working on printing the certificates after lunch. We had 50 people graduate the basic study this week. As the computers were tied up doing that I decided to take the mail to the post office leaving the rest of the studies for tomorrow. I'm thankful to all who are willing to help and would welcome suggestions on how to get the envelopes printed quicker so we can work more efficiently.

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