Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Return To Work

We were able to return to work today for the first time since the virus lockdown.  Below are a few pictures from today. Everyone was so glad to be able to work again.
 Both Shirley's came back today along with Glenna and Ruth. Mark made it back from Alabama and was put right to work on the computer. We had a lot of mail but with two of us working the computers were able to keep up with all the people opening the mail.
 Chuck and Robin got all the Bibles stuffed, wrapped, and labeled.
 Below Bruce was given first studies to open then envelopes to run through the meter. Leila is not pictured but she was hard at work reading letters.
 Kathy and Dave were the readers. 
 Once the Bibles were finished Chuck, Glenna and Robin worked on stuffing lessons.
 Bill came in later and was glad to see so much work getting done. He took the Bibles and studies to the post office.
 As soon as we finished the studies we got the Bible labels printed and applied in the next room.
We are not eating lunch together because of the virus restrictions. 

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