Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Should We Work

With news of the Corona virus spreading so fast we weren't sure if the Berean office should be opened. So many need Bibles and so many prisoners look forward to getting their studies in the mail that we decided we would work and limit the volunteers to 10. Those 10 were going to get slammed with mail except that didn't happen. We were not able to pick up this week's mail and only had last week's mail to process. Below are a few pictures of the studies getting processed.
 Bruce and Leila were back from Arizona. Both of them had their knees replaced while they were gone and both are pleased with the results.
 Leila isn't pictured, she came in a bit later. Bill drove down to the post office to try to pick up the mail but the post office would not open the box as he didn't have a key. That will need to change. Bill is the director and we MUST be able to get our mail each week.  
 Today Marvin stayed home while Gail, his wife came to take his place. Gail also brought our lunch today so we were thrilled she came. Gail is a Berean volunteer at the Peoria County Jail every Tuesday but now that the jails and prisons are all on lock down she was able to join us at this office.
 We ran out of work before noon. I walked in to find them all NOT working and laughing about it. Perhaps it was a blessing that we were not able to get the mail this week. Although we were able to mail out 72 Bibles this week.

The lunch was delicious and the dessert amazing. WE debated if we should work and after we finished we were all glad we came. 

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