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Romania News Sept 2019

September 2019
 Ministry updates from Romania:

"The entrance of your words gives light; gives understanding to the simple."Ps.119,130
Once again I give the glory to the Lord for our new instrument of work, the devotional for the prisoners. It is a great blessing to proclaim the Gospel in this way too. They can have daily bread for the soul, specially written for them. Over 700 are already brought to the volunteers and we already distribute to every inmate we work with. In a year we estimate to reach out and give over 2000 inmates a book.
The activity by correspondence goes well. Angel Dragu writes among other information about his work: “Four days a week I volunteer at the Bible school in Brasov through correspondence and students and even inmates from all over the country are helped to know Jesus as Savior and then grow as His disciples, receiving a series of 7 courses and also your daily readings. In the last period I had a good collaboration with some prison ministry volunteers, one of them is sister Irma Mărășescu (Christian Police Association).” Pastor Angel Dragu also wrote about his social ministry for the needy people. He also sent relevant pictures that I attached.
After a short rest, I restarted my activity at Mioveni and MCiuc Prisons. I was informed also that everywhere our volunteers have new groups. Brother Baboi reports 75 inmates registered for his program.

 In September, I also managed to reach the Hutu and Onu family in Moldova (northeast region of the country). We had some blessed meetings. Brother Hutu is preparing for an evangelization with special guests. Brother Onu works with a larger team and enjoys good results among the inmates.

We are glad that your banquet was a successful. We followed your news on Facebook and we were glad that the Lord has blessed you with a full audience and a very well-known guest in the evangelical world. We were and we are with you in prayer. Thank you for your prayer and support. God bless you!

With love in Christ, 

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