Tuesday, March 3, 2020


We had a lot of mail to process today at the Berean office.  We were thankful to have enough help to get everything done. We didn't finish until after our lunch break but then we were short a few helpers. Chuck is in the hospital with a serious illness, so please pray for him. In the picture below the volunteers at table on the left were working on the studies while the volunteers at the table to the right were reading letters.  There were a few volunteers not pictured as they had stepped into the other room for some supplies.
 Below the volunteers are busy stuffing the next set of studies for each prisoner in the correct envelope then getting them ready for mailing. Bill takes these to the post office each week along with the Bibles. 
 Below Marvin is working on documenting the returned Bibles. Each week we get a few. Marvin updates the computer as to who they were sent to and why they were returned. Most of the returns in the past have been because the prisoner was either released or transferred. What is happening now is more and more prisons are rejecting the Bibles for reasons out of our control. This is so hard to understand. The one book that can actually change a life is now being rejected in some jails and prisons. That is another reason for prayer for this program.
 Kathy just got out of the hospital but still insisted on having Dave bring the lunch for everyone.
We enjoyed our lunch break then went right back to work on labeling the Bibles.  Bill loaded up 3 full boxes to drop off at the post office.  It is encouraging that some of the requests are getting through. We had one very sad letter today that Dave read out loud. This man has lost everything and felt that life was not worth living. He didn't ask for a Bible but I'm pretty sure Dave was going to write to him to see he would like one.

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