Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Big Mail Day

Not only did we have mail from last week as I was on vacation last Tuesday but today's mail was close to 200 pieces. We had around 90 Bible request and over 300 studies to stuff and process. Thankfully we had a wonderful group of volunteers come today to help. Bill came in to help today as we were short handed on readers. Below Marvin is showing him a letter from Michigan.
 The state of Michigan gives us all kinds of trouble. They won't accept studies with labels so envelopes must be printed and they won't accept stamps or stickers so we must use metered mail, no colored paper and no RED ink. What was ironic was it was addressed in RED ink. Below the two Shirleys are having a laugh at that.  
 Chuck and Bruce were in charge of applying the labels to envelopes then putting the envelopes on the correct studies.
 Kathy was answering a letter but had to stop to look up the address. She Marvin and Leila were also readers. Shirley R reads that letters that come with the studies while the other 3 read the request letters.

 Below Shirley and Glenna are stuffing the envelopes with the next study.
Each prisoner sends in 4 studies and when we get them we send them 4 more studies in postage paid envelopes so they can continue the lessons without having to buy stamps. When all the studies were stuffed we started wrapping Bibles. We had an assembly line going and had everything done by 12:30 pm.
 Below Mark is working on the printer. His wife Cathy sent delicious bars with Mark for our snack today. 
 We ran out of certificates, Bill drove to one of the stores and picked up a package of 25 to get us through this week but will for sure need more next week.
It was really amazing to see the amount of work done in that office today. Not only were the volunteers busy there was a lot of laughter as we worked together. This is a very cheery uplifting place to be on Tuesday mornings.  ALL of the studies were claimed for grading today and a lot of them went to the Roanoke AC church. None will be taken to the Peoria AC church Wednesday. I'm always relieved and thankful when the studies are claimed!

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