Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Thankful For Laughter

I arrived at the Berean office 10 minutes early and there were already volunteers there hard at work.
 Mark opened a 49 and 50 that had almost no room left to write. The person that did this study had so much to say!
Marie showed up with fresh vegetables from her garden for anyone that wanted them. Everyone loves Marie's vegetables!
 Mark brought his grand daughter in again to help. We are always thrilled to have extra hands.
Bill went to the post office to pick up the mail from Friday, Monday and this morning. When he arrived he told us the only problem he had was he had forgotten his wallet and had no way of proving he was who he was.
We all burst out laughing.

Thankfully we were laughing WITH Bill not just AT Bill!  He called Joan, his wife, and had her text a picture of his licence then pulled his mask down to show them he really was who he said he was. Laughter at this office is such a blessing and we are thankful for the opportunity not only to serve but to laugh. We settled down to work with everyone doing what was needed.

We have had problems with our envelopes sealing in this heat and humidity. I'm not sure who recommended putting them in the fridge but that is now where we are keeping the envelopes.

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