Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Found It!

Moving Moving Moving. Berean has been praying for a place to process the studies and Bibles more convenient for the volunteers and larger than we are using now. Scroll down to see how prayer works.
We had another productive day at Berean Prison Ministry. Eva Jean and Shirley beat me down at the shop and were all ready for work when I arrived with a big full basket full of mail.
 Kathy, Dave and Dakota walked in next with brownies for our dessert today.
 Joyce and Jan walked in then Emily, mom and Joan were the next three to arrive. 
 We don't care they were a little late, we are just so glad for the help that even if there is only a couple hours donated we are thrilled for the man power. Emily could only stay a couple hours but had to sneak a meat ball out of Eva Jean's crock pot before leaving. Eva Jean made the lunch today and the smell had the entire office staff of Meister's drooling.
 Tim Martin arrived with the Bibles as promised but more than Bibles he brought 3 of his sons to help unload them.
 The guys formed a chain and within minutes all 600 wrapped Bibles were unloaded and stacked for ready for our Thursday group. Oh how thankful we are that our Goodfield Bible distribution is back on board with stuffing and wrapping Bibles.

 We broke for lunch after the last of the studies were entered. We couldn't hold off any longer the delicious odor floating around the room was making our stomachs growl.
After lunch we finished processing the studies, stuffed the new envelopes and mailed them out. That work went quick with everyone stuffing and stamping as fast as possible. After everyone left I stayed until 3:00 processing the letters but only finished through the Hs.
Spark left to check out Wayne and Lukie Unsicker's barn. They are offering it to Berean for the Bible distribution. He checked it out then called to say it will work! It has plenty of parking, a fork lift for getting the Bibles off the trucks, heat and air conditioning, a bathroom and best of all a kitchen. Now we just need to pick a moving day.

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