Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Swamped Again

A lot of volunteers showed up today for the prison work which was a good thing, we were swamped and could never have finished without the many hands working hard. We had 2 full tubs of mail today. Below Emily is entering on the computer in the far left next to Eva Jean who is opening mail along with Shirley, mom, Kathy, David, and Dakota all on the right side of the room all busy reading or opening the mail. At the other table Megan, Jan and Joyce are hard at work processing the studies.

 Joan took all the kids in the conference room to wrap Bibles and this group was able to finish 20 boxes.  They had to start from scratch folding the studies first before stuffing, wrapping and labeling.
 I am so proud of these willing workers. Can you imagine giving up a hot summer day when it could be spent floating around on a lake and instead they gave up most of the day to work inside for prisoners.  We broke for lunch at noon. Below Joan is getting the food line ready.
I did not load the studies in the car. No more can be taken to church for grading, Peoria church is overwhelmed. I'm sending a plea out for new graders. Is there any groups that would like to help out? It isn't hard, there are answer keys available and the prisoners would be most grateful to get their studies back in decent time. The wait time right now for grading is probably more than 2 weeks. The stamps are already on the envelopes so once the study is graded it can just be put in the mail. This is a great service project for young groups, sewing clubs, potlucks or Sunday school classes. Please consider helping out. We would be MOST grateful!

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