Thursday, June 4, 2015

Over 700

We had another record, it wasn't the amount of envelopes to open this time, nope it was the amount of Bibles sent out in one week. We had such a great crew working at Berean Prison Ministry that over 700 Bibles were sent out to prisoners this week alone. Each Bible was stuffed with a letter explaining the study, the first 4 lessons in the study and a postage paid business return envelope. If the prisoner does the first 4 lessons and mail them back to us we send them the next 4 then try to find graders for the first 4. I say try as we have probably more than a thousand studies waiting to be graded. Please please if you would like to donate some time to help a prisoner learn consider grading. We have answer keys, the studies already have been stamped so once they are graded they can be dropped in the mail. Today our crew were wonderful workers. Below Rachel and Diane are reading letters while Diane, Roma and Edie are putting the prisoner's name and address on each of the Bibles.
 These are the Bibles our Tuesday volunteers worked so hard to get ready. Eva Jean forgot her brace today so when the camera came out she quick hid her arm behind some envelopes. We would have known she was hiding something by that smile on her face. Someone has to spill the beans to her daughters.
 Rachel opened an honest letter today. 
  When Lisa arrived with a van load of willing workers, Rachel gave up her reading job in the big room to organize them on filling boxes. These kids worked wonderfully together.
 Roma, Edie and Chuck worked on stuffing and wrapping Bibles the entire time.
 Below is Rachel's crew of willing workers. When Peggy walked in with Jayden we were actually shocked. We thought we worked Jayden so hard last week there was no way she would come back. Well not only did she come back she brought a friend.
 Jarvis was a great help on stuffing the Bibles before Chuck would wrap them. Oh how we miss Goodfield and Roanoke young groups about now. Praying we can get them back on schedule soon.
 When the last Bible was loaded into Mark's van we broke for lunch. Today we had taco salad for lunch. We were all hungry after lifting and processing that many Bibles. What an amazing week we had for Berean.
On Tuesday we processed so many lessons we could hardly carry them into church last night then Wednesday getting out 312 Bibles and today mailing out  411 Bibles for a grand total of 723. If each prisoner that receives the Bible does the study and mails that back we are going to be overwhelmed.
What are YOU doing next Tuesday or Thursday? If YOU have a free day and would want to help please please come. There is a job for waiting for YOU! We would love to have you come.

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