Thursday, June 16, 2016

Amazing Volunteers.

We had a very good day at the Berean office today. We were able to catch up on everything outstanding and survived another week. We had some wonderful helpers. When Anni, Jessica and Luke arrived they were put straight to work labeling the Bibles and stacking them in Diane's car. 
 It isn't easy catching Luke smiling but today he was generous with his big bright smile. 
 Roma jumped right in to help. 
 In the other room Edie, Anna, Eva Jean, Chuck, Diane R, Diane H and Marvin were hard at work opening today's mail, sealing yesterdays envelopes, entering the weeks Bibles and printing out certificates for those prisoners that finished all 50 lessons. 

Roma and Marvin take the 40-50s lessons home to be graded then mail them back with the certificate. Below Roma is taking home a few to grade then mail back. Funny how important those certificates are to the prisoners. 
 The Bibles arrived shortly before 10:00 am, Jessica, Luke and Anni unloaded the entire pallet while we were busy in the other room. 

  Once our work was finished we joined in on the Bible wrapping. David would haul them out to Diane's van as soon as they got each box full. 
 We finished with everything before noon and enjoyed our lunch knowing once we finished eating and cleaning up the food we could head for home. 

I am very thankful to all of these amazing volunteers. They could be out there laying on a beach reading a book and instead work hard to supply prisoners with Bibles and studies. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED THIS WEEK!

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