Thursday, June 23, 2016


We had very little mail today so Diane and I used the morning to clean up all the little things that had been left from Tuesday, organizing the office. Scott was here fine tuning our program, we are so going to miss him when he travels back to Brazil. Below Edie, Diane and Roma are going through things while Eva Jean and Anna open the mail that came today.

 We decided as long as we have volunteers we would wrap Bibles for another week and by the time we finished we had just about all of the Bibles wrapped. 
 Below Jessica, Chuck and Eva Jean are finishing up stuffing and wrapping Bibles. 
We really really need to thank the Wednesday crew, our job today was so easy because of that group of people. We were done with everything by 11:00 and all sat down to enjoy a slice of pie. There is just something so right about ruining one's appetite for lunch. As Spark always says, "live is short, eat dessert first."

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