Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fellowship of the Saints

We have an amazing fellowship and today was just a tiny part of the bonding of brothers and sisters in the Lord. These volunteers are happy to come donate their time and labor for over 62,000 prisoners. That number grows each week.
Check out the happy faces all waving to YOU in hopes YOU too will come join in and help. Consider this an invitation, if you have a few hours to donate, we could use the help. We can no longer finish the amount of work that comes, in just one day, so are now working on Wednesdays and Thursdays too.
 OK the picture above and below just may have been posed, notice how quickly some of them went right back to work in the picture below.
We really did get a lot accomplished today. There were two tubs of mail, mostly studies to be processed. Scott came in again today to work on the computer program. He is getting that program fine tuned and we can't believe how fast the computers are now working. Marvin feels we still need a new monitor which I'll have Philip order.
 It is amazing how each person enters the office, finds a chair, sits down and starts working. Below Marvin H is reading letters, Chuck and Marvin L are applying labels to envelopes, mom, Vonnie and not pictured are Glenna and Eva Jean all busy opening the studies. Marie, Justin and Timothy were all busy in the other room making thousands of copies, applying the stamps and separating the studies.
 David came today and worked on the second computer while Kathy and David read letters. 
 Megan came to help with the studies and stamps. We are always glad when we have young help. 

The morning just flew by and we were all glad when mom got the meal prepared. Our noon meal is more than just food for the body the break from work is much appreciated. The fellowship we enjoy is truly wonderful. 
Not only did mom prepare the meal she went right to work after we ate and cleaned the entire area up, while the rest of us went back to work on the studies.  This ministry has a double blessing, the prisoners are blessed by these volunteers labor and the volunteers are blessed by being able to help.

After our meal we worked for another couple hours but left plenty for the Wednesday group. 

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