Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cream of the Crop

This post is a combination of Tuesday and Wednesday's workers. We had a smaller group than usual on Tuesday and weren't able to finish by the time the last of the workers needed to leave for the day. That left a lot of work for the Wednesday ladies but that was no problem at all. Below are a few pictures of our work.
Above everyone is hard at work with Marie entering, Kathy asking her to look up a prisoner, David and mom reading letters, Jeanette applying labels, Glenna was opening the mail but had just turned to answer a question Marvin L asked, Eva Jean and Vonnie opening and processing studies. Below Chuck and Marvin stopped work just for a second to smile for the camera. We always tell people, "smile like you are having fun or others won't want to volunteer here."
 The picture below was snapped when everyone was hard at work. Speaking of the volunteers, these really are the cream of the crop. I marvel at their willingness to help those in society that are sometimes considered the worse of the worst. Not only do these people show up to help with the physical part of opening and processing mail, they pray for the prisoners, they sympathize with them,  they care for them, rejoice with them when they are released, give positive feedback on the lessons they grade, and these volunteers really are showing them how much each and every person, prisoner or not is loved by God. I'm thankful they are being used as the human hands of Jesus.
 Timothy has been making the thousands of copies needed each week. 
 Our lunch break is a welcome time to hash over the problems, the good (or bad) letters and the praises of the morning. 
  The Tuesday group was able to get all the labels on the envelopes then ran out of time. The Wednesday crew came in, separated the studies, stuffed all the studies, entered all the Bible requests and printed out the Bible labels for the Thursday group. 
 Above Carol needed to fold a few more to stuff as we ran out of a set. Below Cindy has finished entering the Bible labels at the computer then sat down and started stuffing. By the time we finished today we had 2 full tubs that still need to be sealed for mailing. Guess what Thursday group, you get to hold a sealing party once the Bibles are finished! We were missing Mary on Wednesday or I bet we would have finished. This is a special invitation to anyone who would like to join in on that sealing party,  you won't even have to use your tongue, we will give you your own likker.
A pallet of Bibles will be delivered tomorrow morning around 9:00 am and we would love some strong muscles to help unload. The pay is out of this world.

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