Thursday, June 2, 2016

Not Overwhelmed

We thought we may be overwhelmed today as Tuesday was a light mail day but Diane only brought one full tub of mail. Jessica was put to work making the lunch.
 Anni was put to work labeling Bibles.
 Anna, Eva Jean, Edie, Diane and Roma worked on opening the mail.
 Chuck arrived and stopped to chat a bit with Ruth before heading into the study room. Below Anni, Jessica, Ruth, Hannah, Faith, Berlica and Joan were busy wrapping Bibles. 

 Deb actually arrived before Chuck and believe it or not sat in his chair again. We think someone set her up and moved it there before she arrived. Who would do such a thing? In the picture below she is sheepishly apologizing while the rest of us laugh. 
 Marie arrived with a few helpers. 
 Below this room was busy wrapping Bibles and serenading us as they do.
Below everyone is hard at work processing the studies and reading letters.
 Deb opened a touching letter today, we had her read it out loud.
Diane was able to find just 1, the last one of the Bibles we used to send. Deb decided to take it home, write this prisoner a note that the Bible should not be buried with him but passed to someone before he dies. She was also going to explain salvation to him. Having a Bible in one's casket is not a ticket to heaven. 
When the Bibles were all stuffed wrapped labeled and loaded this room worked on separating the studies then stuffing studies for mailing. 
  We finished up at noon and had a fun lunch break. 

We enjoyed the work today, it was fun to have such willing volunteers. A HUGE thank you to all who helped this week.

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