Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Visitor From Mexico

We had a smaller group again today at the Berean office as we are still missing some snowbirds. We can't blame those snowbirds for flying away from our awful weather right now. Today we had freezing rain which was falling on top of a foot of frozen snow and making the roads a nightmare by afternoon. We were glad for each person that did make it. Chuck and Bruce were the only study openers but these two knew exactly what to do and got the job done.
 Bill walked in with a visitor all the way from Mexico. Denver happens to be married to Bill's daughter Katy and they are up here for a wedding. 
 Denver was put right to work with Marvin. 
 When Marvin needed to work on certificates Leila was willing to show Denver the job of figuring out where the returned Bibles came from and why they were returned. These need to be entered back into the computer as returned. 
 Below Robin is using the computer to tell the printer to print out the next set of lessons. She kept the new printer working the entire time and made hundreds of copies today. As the copies were being printed she also organized the stuffing, wrapping and labeling Bibles along with filling the next set of lessons for each prisoner. 
We were able to break around 11:30 for lunch.  We had another good productive day and I am thankful to all who came to spend it here volunteering their time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Flew the Coop

The snow birds flew south and we were short handed today but we sure can't blame them. Bill Schick sent a text out to all the volunteers that the roads were salted but please be careful of the icy sidewalks. A text came back from one of our usual volunteers that there was NO ice in Florida.  We have another storm predicted this weekend with extreme cold of below zero temperatures will be here for at least the next two weeks so we really can't blame those going south. Perhaps we should ALL move south. We have over a foot of snow on the ground that is not going to melt any time soon. We still were able to get everything done today but that was because of the good help we had come and the fact that it was a light mail day. The camera wasn't taken out until we finally broke for lunch. Kathy, Chuck, Marvin, Robin, Rhoda (my mom) Bill and me were glad for the chance to sit and visit will enjoying a meal together. 
 The box on the left is the box of studies going to church after all the special groups got theirs and the boxes on the right is going to the post office. Those two bigger boxes are filled with Bible requests and the envelope boxes are filled with studies to be mailed. 
Bill and Robin were also able to get hundreds of studies printed off with our new printer today. Keeping enough studies on hand for what we need to send out and what the jails and prisons need is an almost never ending job and we are thankful for a working printer.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Back To Work BIG TIME

We were swamped today after taking the last 2 Tuesday off as Christmas landed on a Tuesday and so did Jan 1st.  We were only able to get the Bible studies processed today even though we worked way past lunch time. 

 Around 2:00 pm Dave looked out the window and realized something pretty bad must have happened as the authorities had shut down Randnor road. Vonnie decided as long as she was stuck there she may as well keep working. 
We found out later that a lady was on the interstate talking on her phone, crossed the median, her car jumped Radnor road and she ended up on the other side alive but injured.  We finished the studies and got the requests all entered into the computer but will need to come back on Thursday to get the Bibles stuffed, wrapped, labeled and mailed. If anyone is interested in helping out with that I will be there around 9:00 am and hope to be done by 10:00 am. We have 140 Bibles to process.  A big thankyou to the crew today that had to work overtime.