Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Fruits and Vegetables

 We had a wonderful morning at the Berean office. Lots of mail to process and plenty of volunteers to get the job done. I didn't take any pictures until the studies were finished as we were missing mom, Bruce and Leila. We were out of envelopes with the return address stamped on and since mom wasn't here Sharon took her place with that job. I took Bruce's job on running the postage machine, at least to get enough stamped envelopes to finish today.

Kathy had to do double duty today as she didn't have Leila to help read letters.  Marvin is also gone so Skip had to do double duty and tried to keep up with making the copies,  processing the studies, AND entering the new Bible requests. Somehow we got everything done.

We had healthy snacks today for our break just fruit and vegetables. Check them out below:
Shirley and Ray brought in the donuts and believe it or not they were made with potatoes and potatoes are vegetables. The apple pie was our fruit. Maybe we were stretching the truth on how healthy this was everything sure tasted great. Below is the tub going out today of studies and Bibles.
We are thankful for  We are praying that each of the 19 Bibles sent out today makes it to the prisoner that requested one.