Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Thankful for Heat

 When we arrived at the Berean office it was really cold inside. Not quite as bad as outside as that was 19 degrees. Skip called Meisters. Caleb was on a call in Dunlap but we were assured he would be there by 10:00 am. We worked with coats on.  Below Kathy read a couple letters from inmates.

We were almost finished when Caleb arrived but he wasn't able to get the furnace going. He told us we were out of propane. Marvin went out to check the tanks and they were empty. Gary drove down to where Chip was to let him know and Chip left right away to come open a valve to fill the tank. I'm not sure if Marvin or Skip stayed around to turn the furnace back on but thankfully nothing froze up during this cold spell. It just made us that much more thankful that next week we will have heat.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Getting Discouraged

 Mom and I arrived at the Berean office about 8:50 am and by the time we walked in the other volunteers had finished opening all of the mail. There was so little mail that we really are getting discouraged. So many of the studies we sent to Texas are returned. Wisconsin is now going to the same procedure of all mail going to a processing facility then loaded unto a tablet. The prisoners cannot get the studies and if they do end up getting the studies via the tablet there is no way to send them back for grading. If we don't get the study to grade we cannot send them the next set of studies. We are resorting to prayer and hopefully something or someone can arrive to solve this problem. Below are a few pictures of our work today. 

Above Skip has asked Siri to find a zip code while below Vonnie is giving Kathy another letter to read. Kathy was busy, she had many letters to read and answer. She was missing our other reader Leila who is gone for a few weeks. 
Above mom is stamping our return address on each envelop while Marvin checks out the power supply for a lap top. 
Above Vonnie and Skip are preparing the Bibles going out today while Below Skip is ready to take them out to the car.  Shirley who brought in home made caramels which we really enjoyed, was  stuffing envelopes and then folding studies. She took a break and had a gingerbread cookie specially baked by Melanie.
Those cookies were delicious! I asked Skip if he had one and was shocked when he replied, "no" and then came the "I had 2!"
I think he is asking Pat to get the recipe from Melanie.  A BIG thank you to Melanie G.