Thursday, September 24, 2020

Romania News Sept 2020

 "The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD." Lam.3,24-26

Online Prison Ministry 

I would like to give you very good news. All activities are restarted through an online format. Praise God! Yesterday we had already online activities with two groups of inmates from Galati Prison. It is the first unit where the hall has already been arranged and the equipment necessary for running the programs has been installed. Next week we will receive the inmates' worksheets by email, we will have to print them, then correct them, after that we will scan them and send them back to the institution. Will be possible to share any digital materials through the computer screen. I have had various correspondences with other units where they are in the process of being ready for such activities. We had discussions with volunteers and they are all ready to resume the ministry. We pray that the Lord will bless the team of volunteers so that we can serve in these conditions as well. In the same way, we pray for you that the Lord will open the gates of the prisons in your country

With love in Christ,

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Really Blessed

 We  had a lot of mail today at the Berean office and thankfully plenty of volunteers to help process this mail. Marvin was back from Gulf Shores where he and his family rode out Hurricane Sally. He told us a little about how that came to be and how he would never want to do that again. We did not expect to see Kathy as her mother in law passed away on Sunday. Marvin and Leila were thrilled when she arrived as there were so many request letters to be read.

Aunt Jinny, Shirley, Shirley and mom went right to work opening the mail. Just a side note today was Shirley L's birthday and no one thought to bring her a birthday cake to share.
Thankfully Mark's wife Cathy sent home baked delicious cinnamon rolls
 Mark's wife Cathy sent home baked delicious cinnamon rolls for our treat today.
Bill the director of Berean Prison Ministry arrived. We are always thankful when he comes. Bill takes all the Bibles and studies to the Peoria post office for mailing each week.
Chuck and Bruce were put to work applying labels for the studies.
There was a lot of mail and some of that mail brings a lot of questions.
We ran out of stamped envelopes so Bruce went to work running the postage meter machine. This is his last week here for a while as Bruce will be working on harvest for the next few weeks.

As soon as the mail was all opened and the labels finished mom and Shirley went out to the other room to work on stuffing the outgoing mail.
Joan arrived to take mom to her doctor appointment.
The other Joan arrived to pick up Bible studies for grading for her church. We are so thankful for graders and very very thankful other churches in our area are willing to help with this big job.
The last job of the day was to wrap Bibles. We sent out over 70 today and didn't have many left of the wrapped Bibles. With everyone working we were able to stuff and wrap another 100 Bibles.

Above Bruce is putting them back in the boxes. We do this job in an assembly line with some of us stuffing the first 4 lessons and a welcome letter in each Bible, someone else putting the stuffed Bible in a sleeve and sealing it, someone else applying the address labels, the next person applying the return address, someone else applying the postage stamp and the last person putting the Bible back in the box. It is amazing how quickly we can get this job done. After the last job is done for the day we sit down and enjoy coffee and if we are really blessed dessert by Cathy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Many Hands Light Work

 We had extra helpers at the Berean office today. Those helpers stretched from very young to 91 and everyone pitched in to get it all done before 11:00 am, even wrapping 3 more boxes of Bibles for next week.

Mark and Lettie brought in our snack made by Mark's wife Cathy and her grand daughter Lettie. Those were delicious and served with coffee.  The mail was taken to the Peoria post office where a very nice lady helped fill all the paper work out. I as thankful for her help.
We really enjoy working together and then enjoy visiting with each other once done. Many hands really do make light work.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


We didn't have a lot of mail this week at the Berean office but still kept busy. Bruce and Chuck went straight to work on opening mail.
 Mark brought in one of his special helpers again. This time it was his grand daughter.
 We had a few problems but thankfully with everyone working together we were able to keep everything going well.
 Mark and his grand daughter got the Bibles for today all ready for mailing.
 Chuck, Shirley and Glenna finished in the other room then went to work stuffing the studies.
 We finished up and had some wonderful home baked bars baked with love from Cathy and her grand daughter Letty. They were so good that some of us even got seconds. 
The rain started while we were working and all of us exclaimed happily, "it is RAINING!"  It has been so terribly dry here that all of us were glad to see the rain and it didn't matter if we had umbrella's or not.