Tuesday, September 1, 2020


We didn't have a lot of mail this week at the Berean office but still kept busy. Bruce and Chuck went straight to work on opening mail.
 Mark brought in one of his special helpers again. This time it was his grand daughter.
 We had a few problems but thankfully with everyone working together we were able to keep everything going well.
 Mark and his grand daughter got the Bibles for today all ready for mailing.
 Chuck, Shirley and Glenna finished in the other room then went to work stuffing the studies.
 We finished up and had some wonderful home baked bars baked with love from Cathy and her grand daughter Letty. They were so good that some of us even got seconds. 
The rain started while we were working and all of us exclaimed happily, "it is RAINING!"  It has been so terribly dry here that all of us were glad to see the rain and it didn't matter if we had umbrella's or not.

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