Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Fun Workers

 We were a little late arriving at the Berean office and were met by Shirley. The first words out of her mouth was, "we are all done!"  They were actually only done opening the studies so but had us going for a bit. 

We ended up with 89 Bible requests that needed to be entered, address labels printed, and applied to the Bibles going out today.  Ray was given the job of printing the postage stamp for each Bible and by the time he was done we had enough postage for next week too.

We really did enjoy the morning.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Berean Today

 We didn't have a lot of mail but had plenty of work. Skip needed one hundred sets of the Basic 1-4 to put with the Bibles his grandchildren would be wrapping. Marvin was kept busy making copies while the others put them together in sets. I didn't think to take any pictures earlier as everyone was processing studies and letters but below Chuck is applying the name labels to the correct studies while Skip enters Bible requests and Kathy was reading and answering letters. 

Below is a short video of the other room getting lots of work done.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Busy Berean Volunteers

 We had a busy day today. Not a huge amount of mail but that gave us time to wrap some extra Bibles and do the much needed folding of studies.  Marvin also took the time to teach Skip and I how to make the copies so hopefully we can keep up with that job a little better. Below are a few of the pictures from today. 

Below is a short video of just some of the work done today.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

So Blessed

 We were busy this morning, Skip wasn't able to come and Marvin is in Florida leaving us very short handed on the computers but we were able to get everything done. Just not too many pictures were taken as I was too busy trying to keep up with the computer work. Ray was put to work on the postage machine.

Chuck was put to work with applying labels to the studies while Kathy was our only reader.
Diane, Sharon, Shirley and Aunt Jinnie were busy with folding studies for the next groups going out.
Mom was applying the return address on almost 500 envelopes while Shirley worked on the intermediate studies.
With everyone working we were easily done before 11:00 am. Joan N Arrived to pick up studies for grading just about the time we were getting ready to serve the dessert.  Diane prepared the food and served it.
It really is a wonderful blessing for all of us volunteers to be able to serve this prison ministry. We try to make sure that each prisoner that writes and requests a Bible gets a Bible.  God loves each one as much as He loves any of us. So this  ministry not only blesses prisoners it blesses us too.