Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Another Tuesday

We had a fair amount of mail and a fair amount of volunteers to get all that mail processed at the Berean office this morning. We were blessed with 3 readers to take care of the letters that came in today.
 Shirley, Ray, Vonnie and Shirley opened the studies, while mom applied labels.
 As soon as all the studies were opened the next job was to stuff envelopes and get the Bibles ready for mailing.
 Below mom and Shirley are visiting while waiting for more work.
We had all the work done by noon and were able to enjoy our lunch. It is amazing to think another Tuesday is come and gone. We sure do enjoy volunteering here. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Last week at the Berean office we didn't get much mail. Well today made up for that and we had double the amount today. Thankfully we had amazing volunteers that came in to process the mail. We were short of readers today so both of the Shirley's had to work together to get that job done.  One of the very first letters was read by the Shirley sitting behind Shirley and she just had to read it aloud. The letter was brief. The person wrote:  Hi I'm John, "do you remember me?" "I use to do this study and would like to do it again." it was signed John...No last name, no number and no address.
The number of Johns that do this study has to be in the thousands. That gave us a good laugh.  Joyce Ray, Chuck, Glenna, Vonnie and mom all went right to work on processing the studies.
 Bill came in to help. It is hard to get a good picture of him, he is always moving.
 Robin also came in today. She got busy with the copier and got hundreds of studies made. We were starting to run out but she arrived just in time to fill them. 
We had 230 studies go out today and also sent out Bibles but I don't know the count on those as I was working on the certificates when they got those finished. Today was another good day, everyone left feeling we got a lot accomplished.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Another Easy Day

We didn't get a lot of mail this week at the Berean office and were able to finish will before lunch. We are not sure if the mail is not getting through or the prisoners are just taking extra time doing their Bible studies.  This gave us time to catch up on some of the other work that needed to be done.

It truly is a joy to be at the Berean office on Tuesday's mornings. This group of volunteers are the best!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Tuesday's News on Saturday

The camera was left at the Berean office Tuesday. It was picked up on Wednesday but there was so much other work to get done that this blog just got skipped until now. So this is Tuesday's news on Saturday.  We had a smaller group of volunteers Tuesday as some of our volunteers are on vacation and some were at TAG.  That didn't seem to matter we still got everything done and in good time.
 The studies were opened and processed with the help of  mom, Vonnie, Glenna, Shirley, Ray and Shirley.
 Jeanette and Mark did most of the reading of letters with Shirley helping them when needed. As soon as the studies were finished our group started wrapping Bibles. 
 Bill came in to run the postage machine and after that was done he and Mark loaded his car with Bibles and studies he was sending to Galveston Texas along with the Bibles we were mailing out.
We worked efficiently and joyfully and were glad to finish before lunch. Another good day!