Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Berean Today

 Mom and I left early for the Berean office but went the wrong way. We got stuck in construction on Cameron lane and had to wait quite a while. The problem was 116 was down to one lane while they took up the black top with that big yellow machine.

By the time we arrived at 8:50 am almost everyone was already there hard at work.

As we didn't have a lot of mail the ladies decided to do a deep clean and did they ever work. All the unused boxes were flattened then Ray took them out to his car to dump in the recycle bin. 
They worked until the other office was about done then had some coffee and pumpkin roll cake filled with creamy cheese cake in the middle. Below is the video of our morning.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Youngest Volunteer

 We had real treat at the Berean office this morning. Benj and Kristen came and brought their youngest Kesli to help out. 

We loved having her and maybe she will come back again. We also loved having Benj and Kristen. We were very short of readers as both Leila and Kathy weren't feeling well. Benj is great on the computer so he took my place and I worked on other jobs. There wasn't a lot of mail so Vonnie and Shirley wrapped Bibles.
Benj and Skip entered the studies and the Bible requests. Mom and Kesli stampped envelopes. Marvin and Kristen worked on letters and Bruce ran the postage machine and refilled the ink on our stamps.

Kesli got her treat before the rest of us as she had to go to school.
We enjoyed today but would sure like to figure out how to get Bibles to prisoners in Texas. We are also not getting a lot of studies back from the state of Texas. Below is a video of some of our day.
If you want to help we could really use prayers. There must be a way to get prisoners Bibles we just need to find that way.