Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Those Who Serve

 We had a busy morning at the Berean office. That busy morning was a blessing for the Berean volunteers from the start to the finish. 

We had 30 Bible requests today filled. Below Skip, Vonnie and Marvin are working on the Bibles while Chuck is finishing filling the studies and then sealing the envelopes. Shirley is working on filling the intermediate. Not pictures is the other Shirley, she was filling the basic studies, Kathy who was busy writing letters and Bill who was working with the postage machine.
Below is a short video of the morning.
Those who serve are such a blessing both here AND in the prisons, when the Bibles and studies arrive. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Growing Requests

 Our mail was a little different today, there was more request letters than Bible studies for the week.  Beth came to help mom with her job.

Shirley and Vonnie worked on the studies. Leila and Skip were our readers until Marvin arrived, then Skip worked on the computer entering Bible studies and Bibles
Marvin has to look up all the problem letters on his computer.
When the Bible requests were all entered and the address labels printed out Skip and  Leila worked on getting the Bibles ready for mailing.
We had 30 Bible requests today.
We finished before noon today. Next week we will need to spend some extra time wrapping Bibles as we used all we had ready from last week plus needed to wrap another 4. We are very glad the requests for Bibles is growing.