Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Prayers Requested

 We had a decent amount of mail this morning but were so efficient that we were able to finish by 11:00 am.  I only remembered to pull out the camera as we were getting ready to leave. Below are just 4 of the volunteers that came today.  There were 5 others not pictured as they had already left the office. 

We had to quit about then as the electricity went out and didn't come back on.  We had a good time working together. Some interesting letters came in today and we had 22 Bible requests.  Please remember to pray for Bill and his wife Joan. They both have to be at Mayo Clinic tomorrow to figure out what is the next step.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 We had another good morning at the Berean office getting everything done that needed to be done. Below Justin and Shirley are working on studies.

Bill is in the other room working.
Marvin was on the computer, Kathy and Dave were reading letters while Shirley and Justin worked on studies.
Vonnie organizes the filling of envelopes and also filling boxes. We would be lost without her.  Marvin does all the copying of lessons. Shirley does all the intermediate. 
Skip and Bill were discussing the postage machine. Both of these run that machine when Bruce isn't here. We were short a few volunteers today.
Kathy brought in a wonderful mint dessert. After finishing everyone enjoyed that delicious dish with a cup of coffee before heading out. The Bibles were dropped off at the Hanna City post office just after noon.  We are very thankful for everything that happens in this office.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Asking For Prayer

 We had a very small slow mail day. We still find plenty to do catching up on some of the other work such as filling boxes.  Below are a few pictures taken while working. 

After finishing we enjoyed dessert and coffee while visiting with each other.  We really would covet YOUR prayers that the prisoner who is lost and searching will want a Bible will ask for a Bible. We are also asking for prayer for our director Bill and his wife Joan. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Delicious Dessert

 Almost everyone was waiting at the table when I arrived with the mail. Below are two of our special volunteers. I should have taken pictures of the others but they were all up and working before the camera could be turned around.

We didn't have a lot of mail this morning at the Berean office but had 25 Bible requests that I was really glad got processed and mailed out. Below is a short video of our morning.

Once done we enjoyed a delicious dessert from Gail. Everyone enjoyed that! Thanks Gail.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Surprise Party

 We had quite a bit of mail today with 65 Bible requests and about the same amount of studies. That kept everyone busy.  Below is a video of some of the work done today along with a couple letters Marvin read. 

Everyone that came went right to work.

Joan, the lady at the door in the picture above went outside to her car and brought in balloons.  My birthday is in 2 days and the volunteers had a surprise birthday party for me after the work was done.
Shirley took the picture below.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Spread the Good News

 We had another good morning at the Berean office. Bruce and Leila are home from Arizona. Bruce came today to run our postage machine. He does that so well.

We didn't have a lot of studies come in this week but had 24 Bible request.

Below is a short video of our wonderful volunteers busy at work.
We were finished by 10:30 am.  The jails and prisons are just now starting to open again for the Berean chaplains. We are finally getting life back to normal and pray this program will explode. The fields are white with harvest. Now we just need to spread the good news about Jesus.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Productive Morning

 There were 5 cars already in the parking lot when we arrived with the mail. Everyone that came went right to work. We processed the studies, read letters, answered letters and mailed out Bibles. Below are a few pictures of the morning. Below Skip is showing a problem letter to Bill.

Chuck was put in charge of the postage machine and was busy running envelopes through it.
Marvin and Skip were two of the readers. Kathy, not pictured is the other today.
Below Vonnie is organizing the study box.
The video below was first taken when we were all working on letters or studies and the second half is the group working on Bibles and replacement studies.

We had a productive morning.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

A Good Morning

 We had a light day today both with the mail and with the volunteers but easily got everything done that was needed. Below were both Shirleys, Ray and Chuck. Marvin was the reader today.

Bill was put to work on the postage machine.
The last job of the day was to get the Bibles ready for mailing. Chuck was working on that as Ray and Shirley were stuffing the intermediate studies. Marvin needed a little help taping up a Bible box so Chuck was helping him with that in the picture below.
When we finished we sat and enjoyed a cream cake with our coffee and visited a while before heading out. It was a good morning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

So Blessed

 We were busy this morning at the Berean office.  Once the studies were processed everyone went into the other room to work on Bibles except these 3. They were busy. Skip was entering new Bible requests while Kathy and Justin were answering letters.

Every was having a good time working together.
Below is a couple videos to prove that.

I went out to load the Bibles in the car and took the picture below of the cars in the parking lot and this is after a few had already left.  We are SO blessed with willing, amazing, hard working volunteers!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Merry Maids Arrive

 Aunt Jinnie and I were the first to arrive this morning at the Berean office but before the door was unlocked the other volunteers started arriving.  We were pretty busy, so busy in fact that I forgot to take pictures and because Marvin wasn't here to remind us we forgot to have our 9:30 am prayer.  Aunt Jinnie reminded us about an hour later so we all stopped what we were doing and Chuck had a prayer for the program, prisoners and volunteers today. Below are a few pictures take a little late. By the time I pulled the camera out Vonnie was putting away the boxes and I told them all to "look busy" which caused a lot of laughter.

They HAD been busy. They had processed all of the studies and got 29 Bibles ready for mailing.
I was able to catch Shirley, Bill and Kathy at work as they were all working in the other room. 

We were loading up in the car when I realized I had forgotten my purse, went inside and there were the Berean Merry Maids all busy cleaning.
We will ALL appreciate the nice clean office and are very grateful for those that volunteered to do this. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Tithe

 Aunt Jinnie and I arrived at 8:55 am to find volunteers already hard at work.

Skip had arrived about 8:15 am and had already read all of the letters.  Bill arrived and gave us an update. He was meeting today in  Springfield with the Illinois department of corrections and then shared some updates on his health.

After the prayer Skip read a letter from an inmate that had sent Berean a check for his tithe for the year. When a prisoner sends tithe money we are pretty sure that this is not just a jail house conversion.
Below are a few pictures of the morning.

Above the volunteers are stuffing new studies to be mailed to the prisoners and below Justin is separating the studies by number.
Below Skip is explaining a letter to Bill.
Below Skip is preparing the Bibles for mailing today while the rest work on the studies.
We finished the work by 11:00 am and sat down to enjoy the snack. We enjoyed working together. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Amazing Grace

 As yesterday was a holiday the Berean mail couldn't be picked up until this morning.  Thankfully the post office wasn't terribly busy and I didn't have to wait more than a few minutes. We arrived at the Berean office 10 minutes early only to find plenty of volunteers already there waiting to work. Aunt Jinnie is back, below Shirley is reminding her of what we do as we process the mail. 

We didn't have a lot of mail today but had other things that needed to be done. Marvin arrived with another new helper. Justin came today to help. Below Marvin is introducing him to everyone.
Bill arrived to help with some of the computer stuff. Below he and Marvin are working on some addresses.
Once everything was done in this room the volunteers were put to work in the other room. Skip is getting the Bibles ready for mailing, some are stuffing the new studies and some are folding papers.
After the work was done we sat around the table with a snack and coffee and listened to Justin give his testimony. It was really amazing. It would be great if he would share it again so it could be recorded. We are so very thankful for each volunteer and even more thankful to hear testimonies of God's great love for each of us and His Amazing Saving Grace

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

That's Love

 We had quite a bit of mail today. We usually get some touching letters and some funny ones too. Check out the request that came in today. 

We never know what someone will ask. At 9:30 am everyone gathers into the main room for prayer and sometimes we share letters or stories during that time. Below Marvin was sharing something Ron Messner shared with him. Ron has been helping this inmate ever since he was released.

That's LOVE!
We were able to mail out 65 Bibles today.  Below Ray is applying the address labels.
Skip is entering the new Bible requests.
A group working in the other room. Not pictured was Chuck hard at work on separating studies, Shirley filling the intermediates, and Kathy writing letters.
Bill is explaining to Marvin that perhaps Marvin's type A personality could become more like Bill's type Z. Of course we all laughed at that.