Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Thankful For Help

 Mom and I left for the Berean office at 8:15 am and by the time we arrived there were already volunteers there waiting. Wayne and Ron were spreading sand on the parking lot which was a sheet of ice. We had about 120 studies come in and 34 Bible requests. Below are a few pictures. 

We were thankful for the help and pleased to be finished by noon.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Too Much to Do

 We had an excessive amount of mail today at the Berean office and were only able to get the studies processed and the letters read. Tomorrow the Bibles will be processed and mailed out. Below are a few pictures of our very busy morning.

Below are just some of the stuffed and ready to mail out studies.
Below Skip is working on the certificates while mom works on placing labels on envelopes.
I was very thankful for everyone that came on this bitterly cold morning. The prisoners will be pleased to get their new studies to do and their graded ones back. I will be taking lots of studies to the Peoria church tomorrow evening, if anyone wants to grade some there are a plethora of them.