Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Willing Hands

 Mom and I arrived at 8:45 am and already there were volunteers hard at work. We had over 80 Bible studies come in for grading and over 30 Bible request letters.  Vonnie almost single handedly filled almost all the basic studies herself while we worked in the other room

Leila was one of our readers today, Bruce ran the postage machine but also processed studies. Mom worked on putting the return address label on envelopes while Shirley opened mail and then processed all of the intermediate studies.
Below Skip is entering all the Bible requests, Bill is looking up addresses while Kathy writes to prisoners.
The postage machine needed to be refilled with money so Bill is taking care of that job in the picture below.
Kathy is answering any of the special requests.
Below Vonnie, Leila and Bruce are getting Bibles ready for mailing while Shirley stuffs the last of the intermediate studies. 
After everything was finished we took a break and had a dessert and coffee and of course conversation. We sure enjoy working together and really do get a lot accomplished in a few hours each week. We really are thankful for willing hands.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Maybe Next Week

 We didn't have a lot of mail this week but took that opportunity to get some other jobs done such as folding studies. Below is a short video of some of the work getting done while we have fun doing it. 

We finished around 10:30 and enjoyed coffee and coffee cake around the table visiting. Hopefully next week we will be swamped with Bible requests. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Wrapping Bibles

 Mom and I arrived at the Berean office about 8:50 am and already there were volunteers waiting for the mail. Skip carried it in and even before we got into the office they had passed it out and were opening it. Mom was put to work placing the non for profit stamps on the envelopes she worked on last week.

Below the group is hard at work opening the studies.
Once the studies were processed most of us ended up in the other room to wrap Bibles.
Below is a short video of this room while Bill and Kathy work in the other room answering letters.
We left as the rest of the group was finishing up. Hopefully they all took a break and had some dessert and coffee before leaving for home. It was a good morning and we had 34 Bibles to take to the post office and got another 60 Bibles wrapped.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Thankful To Be Back

 After missing last week while on vacation I was very glad to get back to the Berean office today.  We had enough to do to keep us all working until 11:00 am. I didn't remember to take pictures until we had finished processing the studies in the other room. 

I noticed what I thought was a new picture up on the wall.
Vonnie explained that the picture has been here for weeks. I guess I'm not that observant.  Below Bill was telling us some stories from his life in Mexico, Skip was printing off the Bible stamps and brought them in to start working on Bibles, Kathy is busy writing to prisoners,  mom is putting the new studies in the envelops. Vonnie is working on filling the intermediate. Bruce and Leila were working on envelopes while Shirley was folding. Beth had been working on studies but stopped to listen to Bill.
We really do enjoy working together.  We enjoyed apple pie and coffee before heading home. I was thankful to be back.