Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Wrapping Bibles

 Mom and I arrived at the Berean office about 8:50 am and already there were volunteers waiting for the mail. Skip carried it in and even before we got into the office they had passed it out and were opening it. Mom was put to work placing the non for profit stamps on the envelopes she worked on last week.

Below the group is hard at work opening the studies.
Once the studies were processed most of us ended up in the other room to wrap Bibles.
Below is a short video of this room while Bill and Kathy work in the other room answering letters.
We left as the rest of the group was finishing up. Hopefully they all took a break and had some dessert and coffee before leaving for home. It was a good morning and we had 34 Bibles to take to the post office and got another 60 Bibles wrapped.

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