Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Amazing Grace

 As yesterday was a holiday the Berean mail couldn't be picked up until this morning.  Thankfully the post office wasn't terribly busy and I didn't have to wait more than a few minutes. We arrived at the Berean office 10 minutes early only to find plenty of volunteers already there waiting to work. Aunt Jinnie is back, below Shirley is reminding her of what we do as we process the mail. 

We didn't have a lot of mail today but had other things that needed to be done. Marvin arrived with another new helper. Justin came today to help. Below Marvin is introducing him to everyone.
Bill arrived to help with some of the computer stuff. Below he and Marvin are working on some addresses.
Once everything was done in this room the volunteers were put to work in the other room. Skip is getting the Bibles ready for mailing, some are stuffing the new studies and some are folding papers.
After the work was done we sat around the table with a snack and coffee and listened to Justin give his testimony. It was really amazing. It would be great if he would share it again so it could be recorded. We are so very thankful for each volunteer and even more thankful to hear testimonies of God's great love for each of us and His Amazing Saving Grace

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

That's Love

 We had quite a bit of mail today. We usually get some touching letters and some funny ones too. Check out the request that came in today. 

We never know what someone will ask. At 9:30 am everyone gathers into the main room for prayer and sometimes we share letters or stories during that time. Below Marvin was sharing something Ron Messner shared with him. Ron has been helping this inmate ever since he was released.

That's LOVE!
We were able to mail out 65 Bibles today.  Below Ray is applying the address labels.
Skip is entering the new Bible requests.
A group working in the other room. Not pictured was Chuck hard at work on separating studies, Shirley filling the intermediates, and Kathy writing letters.
Bill is explaining to Marvin that perhaps Marvin's type A personality could become more like Bill's type Z. Of course we all laughed at that.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Working With Special Volunteers

 We had another good morning at the Berean office. Before we could get started though we needed to be able to drive into the lot. Below Skip is shoveling the snow out of the way.

 The studies were processed first before we started working on the Bibles.  Below Skip is entering the new Bible requests while Marvin is looking up addresses. 

We really do work well together. Below Skip, Chuck and Ray are stuffing, wrapping and labeling Bibles while Vonnie, Shirley and Shirley are working on getting the first set of lessons ready to be stuffed into the Bibles.
Bill and Tate arrived to load boxes of Bibles and stopped in to talk to Kathy for a bit.
The amount of work that gets done in this office in a few hours is pretty amazing and I am very thankful to be working with these special volunteers. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Replacing Envelopes

 Bill picked up the replacement envelopes from Wayne Printing this morning and brought them over.  Vonnie got us all working on those and believe it or not we finished the job! Every study that has the wrong envelope on (and there were thousands) now has the correct envelope.  Skip and Bill got all the Bibles stuffed, wrapped, labeled and stamped for mailing while we were working on the studies. No pictures of them working as I was working in the other room with Kathy and Chuck.

Below Shirley is getting a box ready to process.
Below is a short video of replacing envelopes. The bad envelopes were removed last week and this week we replaced them with the new envelopes.
We finished by 11:30 am and enjoyed the cheese cake for a snack before heading to the post office to mail the Bibles.  Thankful for everything that got done today.