Tuesday, February 15, 2022

That's Love

 We had quite a bit of mail today. We usually get some touching letters and some funny ones too. Check out the request that came in today. 

We never know what someone will ask. At 9:30 am everyone gathers into the main room for prayer and sometimes we share letters or stories during that time. Below Marvin was sharing something Ron Messner shared with him. Ron has been helping this inmate ever since he was released.

That's LOVE!
We were able to mail out 65 Bibles today.  Below Ray is applying the address labels.
Skip is entering the new Bible requests.
A group working in the other room. Not pictured was Chuck hard at work on separating studies, Shirley filling the intermediates, and Kathy writing letters.
Bill is explaining to Marvin that perhaps Marvin's type A personality could become more like Bill's type Z. Of course we all laughed at that.

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