Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Working Together

 We had a good morning at the Berean office. Not a lot of mail but plenty of work got done. Chuck arrived just in time to check out the coffee.

Marvin called the prison that would not allow our leather like Bibles and was able to speak with the chaplain. They figured out how we could send Bibles into that prison. We also had a request for 100 Bibles from a chaplain Skip will take care of and Kathy got another request for a box of Bibles for a prison.  It is almost like Bill is still here. We also got a lot of the first set of studies from the boxes of Bibles Bill sent out before he left for Mayo Clinic.  We miss him but for his sake we would not wish him back. 
Sharon brought Irv with her to help today. We always appreciate when new people come to help.

Below is a short video of just a bit of our work today.
We really do enjoy working together.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Until We Meet Again

 This morning was our Tuesday Berean morning but mom's wheelchair was broken on Sunday and the new one isn't going to be here until Thursday, So Diane stayed with mom and I drove to Berean by myself. When I arrived almost everyone was already there hard at work. 

Even Vonnie was here. We were so glad to see her and welcomed her back with plenty of work. Below is a short video of some of our work.
We really enjoy this work that really isn't work. It is a blessing to the prisoners recieving their Bible and Bibles studies and a blessing to the volunteers who help with getting them the Bibles and Bible studies and a blessing to those who grade the studies. Blessings ALL around. We got the sad news that Bill our director passed away. For him though it was GLORIOUS! He is with his Jesus whom he served and loved for many years. Our sympathy goes out to his wife Joan and their many children and grandchildren.  We already miss him but they will miss him so much more. So we don't say good by we say, "until we meet again".

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Grateful for Greats

 Almost everyone had already arrived by the time mom and I reached the Berean office.  Sharon pulled in right behind us and helped with the unloading. We were all kept busy. Bruce and Leila are now back from Arizona so we were thrilled with the extra help. Below are a few pictures of our morning. 

Above Marvin is trying to find the correct address for a prisoner while Kathy reads and answers letters. Below Skip and Bruce are trying to figure out how to order more ink for the postage machine.

Above mom is stuffing envelops while Sharon and Ray work on processing studies. below Kathy and Leila are reading today's letters while Skip enters the studies.

Above Bruce is running the postage machine while Shirley and Ray open and process studies. Below we have just finished processing the and filling the Bible requests. Joan arrived to pick up studies for grading and the rest are refreshing themselves with key lime pie and brownie bites.
We really did have a good day and accomplished what needed to be accomplished. I'm very grateful for great volunteers.